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Aliağa Worker Camp Project

We built at 2013, 500 demountable container in Turkey / İzmir / Aliağa.
The project completed in 4 months.
The camp capacity is 2000 worker.
Information House

Project Size: Over 1000m2.
Purpose of Building: Library.
Project Location: İstanbul Districts.
Project Units: 25 units.
Construction Time Per Unit: 2 Months.
Project Type: Turnkey
1600 Houses in Bagdad

The Company implemented a project to build a complex residential integrated in Latifiyah city south of Bagdad city the capital of Iraq, as a way of development and interest in public housing in cooperation and coordination. The project of 800 housing units and designed to be with two floors, each floor contains two apartments each apartment is 85 m2, to be four apartments in one building. The walls are made of Betopan walls (wood and cement mixed). The residents provided access to light, air, and sun.
Military Base

Turkey / G.Antep / İslahiye
Construction work of 18.000 m2 prefabricated and 15.000 m2 heavy steel buildings built in the military brigade located in the district of Islahiye in Gaziantep province was completed within 8 months.
Kartepe College

We built the university building in 3 months. Project was completed turnkey. Owner project was Kocaeli University. Project location is Kocaeli / Kartepe.
Turnkey Low Cost House Project

We built at 2014, 48 apartment in 12 building in Turkey / İstanbul / Sarıyer.
The project was turnkey.
The project completed in 2 months.
The project plan is the same as the low-cost housing project in Iraq but the exterior structure of the buildings was built more luxuriously.